PRO Services

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PRO Services

When you are running a business in the UAE, you may face trouble if you do not have sufficient knowledge about the Government procedures and how the system is working in the UAE. Hiring a professional having experience and local connections would help you in handling legal transactions with government departments such as the labor ministry, naturalization and Residency, economic department, foreign affairs and the municipality. Our expert, qualified professionals will be there to assist you in fast-tracking the Government procedures to get documents approval such as tenancy contracts, amend/renew trade license, approval for employees, changes in Company names etc.

Corporate PRO Services

We also offer our exclusive Corporate PRO Services to businesses considering their requirements. This will help them to save extra expenses such as travel expenses, HR expenses, PRO Visa charges etc., in order to maintain an inhouse PRO.

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Our Corporate PRO Services would include the following;

  • Renewal of trade license
  • Offer Letters
  •  New employment visa process
  •  Company immigration card renewal
  •  Renewal of employment visas
  • Company Establishment card update
  • Cancellation of employment visas
  • Quota applications and modifications
  • Medical typing and applications
  • Labor card updates
  •  New emirates ID processing
  •  Labor card renewals
  • Renewal of emirates ID
  • Visa alters and weekly updates
  •  Labor and Immigration support services
  •  PO Box renewals
  •  Approval of Trade name
  •  Embassy paperwork
  • Municipality paperwork
  • Labour department paperwork
  •  Immigration department paperwork
  •  Economic department paperwork
  •  Certificate attestation
  •  Legal translation
  •  UAE business license services
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Visa Assistance

Expats contribute around 85 percent of the total UAE population. Our Professionals will provide you visa assistance whenever you need to have a visa application for those living in and travelling to and from the United Arab Emirates.