Company Structuring

Passion Behind Every Case.

Looking for assistance in structuring/restructuring your Company? We understand your concerns right from the time you form your dream company and can advise you in shaping its corporate and capital structures.

Understanding the future complications and developing strategies to overcome them is very important to save your capital and running expenses. While these structures are developed at a given time in accordance with your budget and other requirements of the business, evaluation of these structures and their effectiveness seldom takes place at later stages.

The significance of a capital or corporate structure often comes into play when attempting to sell off a business unit, company or group of companies.

We, at Legis Vista, understand our clients long-term objectives at the very outset and try our level best to achieve the same with our critical examination of the capital or corporate structure of the organisation with our experience and great professional knowledge. Our expert team will assist you in framing employee policies including disciplinary mechanisms, HR policies, commission structuring, drafting labour contracts, appointing new employees, dismissing the old ones etc. Our knowledge of local, free zone and offshore jurisdiction company laws and partnership with a set of diverse professionals and talents enable us to provide clear solutions to corporate structuring issues that support and lend strength to clients’ long-term goals.