Passion Behind Every Case.

Legis Vista is a leading service provider of compliance services across the UAE. We help firms to manage their ongoing compliance and regulatory obligations and empower them to focus on the growth of their business with a peace of mind.

We provide a comprehensive and unrivaled spectrum of compliance and regulatory services to a vast range of business industries in the UAE.


The UAE’s regulatory landscape is constantly evolving and the need for increased monitoring and reviewing of compliance procedures presents firms with a consistently challenging working environment.

We work closely with regulatory bodies and industry associations throughout the UAE to provide our clients the best available information on regulatory requirements and trends.

Our Services

  1. Economic Substance Regulation
  2. Tax Compliance
  3. Anti-Money Laundering Regulation
  4. Ultimate Beneficial Owner Compliance
  5. Tax Compliance
  6. VAT Compliance
  7. Regulatory Governance Review