Litigation Support Services

Passion Behind Every Case.

Running a business can be tough and it is highly likely to get in a dispute every now and then. Businesses can face challenges in terms of unpaid debts, dispute with a supplier, intellectual property infringements, employment claims and the list goes on. We help our clients before and during the litigation process in understanding the nature of the case, advising on the laws and possible aspects of the case and its consequences, gathering the information and documents to prepare the facts to support the litigation process.

We associate with a team of expert lawyers harnessing a vast knowledge of the local laws, abreast with the court proceedings and well equipped to tackle any challenges during the course of litigation. We possess an intimate understanding of the local legal and economic markets as well as its governing laws and customs. Our expert lawyers have vast experience in the fields of civil, corporate, employment, family, real estate laws among other areas and have successfully handled hundreds of cases with a success rate of more than 90%.

Legis Vista acts as an independent consultant to clients ranging from the small private clients to the renowned multinational corporations. Our experts efficiently cut through the information clutter to provide meaningful insights supporting every stage of litigation. Our experience results in efficient, impactful insights.

Our litigation support services include a consultation session with the client to understand the nature of the case, identifying the strong winning aspects, preparing, and advising on the facts of the case and handheld support through the entire litigation process.