Non-Competition under UAE Employment Law

Non-Competition under UAE Employment Law A COMPLETE GUIDE Prepared by:LEGIS VISTA LEGAL CONSULTANTS Introduction Safeguarding propriety information and client relation is vital yet challenging for businesses. In today’s highly competitive business environment, the non-competition clauses aim to prevent an employee from joining or starting a competing business within the same geographical area after leaving the […]

Cheque Bounce in UAE – Legal Implications

Despite global advancements in the payment instruments, cheque remains the most widely used mode of payment and is preferred by a vast majority of corporations and individuals. However, it comes with a liability if the cheque is dishonored/bounced due to any reasons and the drawer might have to face the consequences accordingly. There can be […]

Divorce, Maintenance and Child Custody under UAE Law

Marriage is a sacred institution, based on a strong foundation of trust, intimacy and love. However, couples opt for divorce, which is a viable option to deal with the consequences of certain unfortunate circumstances. According to the Ministry of Social Affairs, divorce rates UAE are amongst the highest in the region, the reason for which […]

Termination of Labour Contract under UAE Law

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) being a paradise for job seekers from all over the world, have specific laws and regulations governing the termination of labour contracts to ensure fair treatment and protect the rights of both employer and employees to balancing their interests. Employment Contract is the foundation of employer-employee relationship enumerating the terms […]