Estate Planning

Effective estate planning holds a pivotal role in the realm of financial and legal management, often not receiving the attention it rightfully merits. Nonetheless, for individuals and families residing in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), the comprehension and application of robust estate planning strategies are paramount. These strategies facilitate the orderly distribution of assets, serve to mitigate tax obligations, and bestow a profound sense of tranquility.

The inception of a Will typically marks the initial prudent and indispensable step in ensuring the seamless transfer of assets to cherished beneficiaries. At Legis Vista, we specialize in offering guidance to guarantee the safeguarding of our clients’ assets and their eventual transmission to their designated heirs upon their demise.

Managing the financial affairs of a deceased family member can compound the emotional distress during an already challenging period, particularly when navigating unfamiliar territories. We extend our expertise to family members, including those residing abroad, addressing every facet of handling UAE-based assets, be they movable or immovable, belonging to a deceased relative. Our extensive experience in handling inheritance cases, both within local and international legal frameworks, is characterized by a compassionate and adept approach. This approach is aimed at expediting proceedings within the most efficient timeframe possible.

Our proficient legal team engages directly with clients to gain an intricate understanding of their unique circumstances, enabling us to tailor our services with creativity and precision to address a wide spectrum of legal challenges.

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